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My story began with a love for nature as experienced while growing up on a small cattle ranch in western Colorado.  The basic simplicity and ruggedness of ranch life instilled a respect for the environment and an understanding for the need for shelter.

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When design is just not happening: its time for some adventure, and Lexie coordinates the daily outing





we believe in partnering with you:  That a cooperative approach to design generates thought, that it improves creativity. We like to talk less and listen more.  We believe the only way to understand your goals and needs, is to involve you, the client in the design process.   As a result, each project is as unique as the individuals who own them.  We strive to provide exceptional service, based on a team approach, where all who are involved in the design and construction process work together for the greater good of the project.


we believe in partnering with the environment:  That green architecture begins with a thoughtful sensitivity to each site, that a practical approach to design and construction makes sense.  We understand that buildings need to last: that it is not enough, just to create beauty.  Buildings must function, they must generate health, they must be safe; and when feasible, they should promote energy independence.  Ultimately, they must fashion shelter for the occupant.  We have a thorough understanding of building codes and building science, and we are continually striving to improve how our buildings live and function.


b.Ca is a full service design firm located in Summit county, Colorado.  Our background is in architecture, but our approach is universal.  We believe that design is all around us, that each person has some understanding of beauty and it is our goal to help each client realize their own distinct beauty and to translate those beliefs into the built environment. 


'Oh ya; and we truly love living and designing in the mountains'.

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